Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Traditional Stuff

Yo, what's up? My tablet is still inoperative; the part of the wire that connects to it at the base might be broken, which I'm not sure is easily fixable, so I may not be able to do any more digital drawings any time soon. However, as promised, I will continue on by using the traditional approach to this awesome artistic pursuit: pencil and paper.

I decided to use a Ticonderoga no. 2 pencil and it's attached eraser for these drawings. The paper I used was from a 6x9" sketchpad; the quality and texture of said paper was a little bit better than newsprint.

It's a lot more difficult to gesture sketch with a pencil on small paper than it is on a computer because you have to be very light if you want to get any form of detail or dimension into your drawing. The first time I tried it, I ended up making a big blob of nothingness because I pressed down too hard.

That's 28 down; only 9972 to go. See you next time, which will most likely be tomorrow if I manage to get into the swing of things with traditional drawing.

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